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who has a burning passion for this industry

When it comes to telling your story my passion runs deep. i believe that you deserve a photographer who is as emotional as you are about each season of life you experience, especially when it comes to your wedding day and boudoir sessions. 

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2016 I started my journey in photography; 2022 i found where my passion lies. date nights, wedding days, finding yourself again as a woman; these are the most intimate times in your life, they deserve to be captured in a raw + unique way by someone who has a burning passion for this industry. 

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I was currently sitting in art 1 discovering my love for the creative field. learning that there is truly no limits when it comes to art but rather what matters is your perception of events and how you tell the story of what happened.

I went to walmart on a friday afternoon before my boyfriend's football game, purchasing my first point and shoot, blue, sony camera.


i was talked out of pursuing graphic design and marketing and talked into pursuing accounting for a more stable career path.


My now husband purchased me a better camera to take pictures while we were on vacation


Started taking pictures for family and friends as a hobby +
Switched major to Business Admin. I despised accounting at this point.


4-wheeler accident happen and a 4-month recovery period. I started creating a plan to eventually make photography my full time career.


I graduated with my business admin degree + was working in crown's accounting department in new bremen, was now a part-time  business called kaptured  keepsake.


we got married, found out i was expecting our first child, and registered my llc.


I left crown to finally go full time photography!


opened my first studio downtown bellefontaine & found passion in boudoir + the intimate stories of my clients


I take it you want to know all about the girl who you'll be working with

If you've scrolled this far

where to start?! i'm a stay at home mama to our sweet (+ rowdy) girl and wife to a husband who is the definition of a family man. when I'm not behind the lens you'll find me planning our future home on pinterest, baking from scratch in the kitchen (probably listening to music while singing off tune) or hanging out with one of my closest girlfriends.

I'm not your "I always wanted to be a photographer" photographer. But, what i did always dream of being was the center of the home, a stay at home mama (hello to living my day dream). While i didn't always want to be a photographer, i did always want to have a career in the creative industry; letting my mind run free with endless possibilities of creating something for others to enjoy (que the enneagram 2 in me). photography fills my cup in ways a 9-5 corporate job could never. getting to know you as my client on a personal level and deciding how to tell your story, UGH! It gives me all the cozy feel good vibes that your career should! 

if you've read this fall, thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about who i am outside of being a photographer! I cannot wait to have you for your next session!

xx, Ash


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