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you are worthy of confidence + self love.

There is absolutely nothing I love more than watching women walk out of a session with their head held higher, more pep in their step and an overflowing amount of confidence mixed with a shit ton of self love! You deserve this life changing experience that's going to leave all of your girlfriends asking, "what the heck happen to you?!" in all the right ways! Keep on scrolling to see what has everyone raving about MSPBoudoir!


Ash was amazing from the very beginning! I had doubts from a previous experience and she reassured and hyped me up from then on. I love that she didn't just tell me where to pose, but showed me how. My favorite part was seeing my pictures throughout my entire session, it gave me feel so much more confident! She knows her lighting and angels so well, I highly recommend! 


Stop hesitating to do a boudoir session with Ash! She will be your biggest hype girl, not only during your session, but life as well. Ash makes you feel so confident and comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing lingerie in front of a camera! She models every pose so you don't have to worry about not knowing how to pose! I was so hesitant at first and regret NOTHING after my session.


IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Ash was very informative on how to pose and reminded me of my posture when I would start to relax. I can't tell you how many times I heard, "you're so pretty" or "that's a good one, look at this" during my session! She definitely knows how to make it a fun atmosphere while also making sure you're comfortable. After my session with her, I wouldn't choose anyone else!


If you've been contemplating it, JUST DO THE SESSION! I am telling you that she will make you feel comfortable even when you feel awkward and shy. Before, during and after, she's your ultimate self confidence booster throughout the entire experience. 5/5 stars!


Ashleigh made this experience so much fun for me! She helped me feel comfortable in my own skin & boosted my confidence during my whole session. I told her what I was specifically looking for and she NAILED IT! I absolutely love the portraits from my session!


Trust me when I say, I know how you are feeling!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. ANY FEELING YOU'RE HAVING IS TOTALLY NORMAL AND OKAY! Every single woman that I have worked with, whether they have had a boudoir experience or not, has showed up with some level of nerves! From bouncing knees to full body shakes, you are NOT alone! 

This is why you're here though. You have heard from friends that I'm the go to boudoir girl. I give you the space to drop all your responsibilities + insecurities at the door, to let loose, to be the raw + nitty gritty version of everything you are. You are in the best hands you could ask for when it comes to one of the most vulnerable experiences of your life.

PS: If you don't cry on the way to your session, you're already doing better than I did with my first boudoir experience. So when I tell you I know how you feel, I 100% relate.

Check out some of the incredible women who have had the MSP experience, can you see yourself in the images below?!

Just picture it...

This could be you!

Do my portraits have to be posted

Absolutely not! When it comes to your session it's all about YOU! You'd probably be shocked to know that 80% of my clients actually don't allow me to post their images - and I fully RESPECT that! 

After you see your images you will be sent a model release form which has various permission levels; from no way, to anything is fair game, you have complete control over what is shared from your session! 

As your boudoir photographer I want you to know, your nudes are safe with me Babe! 

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What If i don't know how to pose

PST... I have a secret. You aren't expected to know what you're doing when you show up to a session with me, even if you've had one in the past! My job as your photographer is to pose you from head to toe, down to your breathing at times. I take it one step further, I physically SHOW you how to pose! Need more reassurance? Go up and read the testimonials, most will tell you exactly what I just did!

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Do you offer payment plans

YES! I offer payment plans on artwork collections and all A La Carte menu items! Your session fee is due in full upon booking to hold your date on my books.

Payment Plan Options:
1. Choose your artwork option and pay in Full at booking, any time leading up to your session OR the day of prior to leaving your reveal and ordering appointment

2. Pre-Session Payment Plans. BiWeekly Payments made on Fridays OR Monthly Payments made on the 1st of each month leading up to your session.

I do not offer post-payment plans at this time.

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Why shouldn't I print my artwork on my own

My top reasons for printing your artwork through me and my chosen lab versus on your own.

1. My lab uses quality ink which will last many more years than places like Shutterfly, Walmart and Walgreens. 

2. Non-professional labs handles your portraits exactly the same way, unprofessionally and possible double print to keep a copy for themselves. 

3. My computer is calibrated for the printers at the lab vendor I use. If printed on your own, a color variation could occur. I am not responsible for this happening and do not "decalibrate" my computer for personal prints.

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What if I don't look like the women you post

EveryBODY is a BOUDOIR BODY. Seriously, they are! I have worked with women of various ages ranging from early 20's-late 50's, ethnicities and sizes! I encourage you to book if boudoir is something that has crossed your mind at one time or another. You deserve the experience it has to offer!

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What should I wear 

I have a limited boudoir closet that is slowly growing. You will want to bring your own outfits for your session! Your session allots for up to 3 wardrobe changes during our time together but feel free to bring more so that we can narrow it down so you get the exact look you're searching for! You will want to pick outfits that fit your style, personality, skin tone, and compliment your body shape. If you have questions or want suggestions please feel free to reach out! There will also be more on this in your Session Prep Guide I send after booking!

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Where will my session take place

Until June 2024, majority of my sessions will take place in Bellefontaine, OH at my studio above Axe Ventura. While I understand that my studio is not everyone's cup of tea, I do have various studios I rent to host sessions. If you would like to book at one of these studios please let me know upon inquiry so that I can get you the correct pricing information as my travel sessions do have a different session rate. 

Ohio Cities I Rent Studios in:
Troy | Dayton | Hamilton | Middletown | Mt Vernon | Westerville | Columbus | Pataskala | Delaware

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Can I bring "xyz" with me

At this time, I do not allow third parties to join in on sessions. I find that it is not only distracting for you as my client but me as well to stay on task and easily flow through your session. I thank you for understanding this policy I have in place to ensure you have the best experience possible from Meraki Soul Photos! 

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What's included in my session

Welcome + Prep Guide upon Inquiring/Booking
60-minute 1:1 Session in a Private Studio
Up to 3 Wardrobe Changes
Head to Toe Professional Posing + Direction
Professional Retouching of Your Portraits
Same Day Portrait Reveal/Ordering Appointment

Session Fee: $300 (due in full and non-refundable)

Available Add Ons:
Travel Session
Additional Time/Outfits
Professional Hair/Makeup Services
Themed Sets

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What can I expect to spend

More times than not, clients select collections over A La Carte items as they got a better bang for your buck! 

Collections range from $1,700-$2,900 +tax
Digitals Only range from $500-$2,500
Albums Only range from $1,200-$2,200 +tax
Metal Prints Only range from $600-$1,200 +tax

You will receive a more detailed pricing menu upon inquiry for your session in the Client Welcome Guide!

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I have more questions

Please fill out the session inquiry form and give me all the details on other questions you have! I will shoot you over a reply within 48 business hours to spill it all and put your mind totally at ease! 

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it's time to radiate the confidence you deserve.