Just picture it; this could be you.

Bold, minimalistic & moody with a side of elegance & sass; this is what MSP is all about. I’m not the photographer that clutters a space but is intentional with the props we bring in to enhance your portraits, putting you at center focus. Boudoir doesn’t have to scream sex for it to be sexy. Sometimes the simplistic elegance of you in luxury lingerie is more than enough to make your jaw drop!

Together, We Can Make The Kind of Art People Dream About

I found ash when I was first starting to find myself again, and wanted to learn how to love me, for who I am and love my body, for what it was. After my first shoot, I cried real tears… I felt joy, happiness, strength, and peace. She captured parts of me that reflected the self growth I have experienced, and she hyped me up the whole session. She was encouraging, positive, and so knowledgeable with her work. She made me feel so good in my own skin.. yes, her work is stunning, but the very best part is how she makes a woman feel during the session. I can’t thank her enough for being a part of my journey in self love.

she makes you feel
the best part is how


Ash was so helpful the entire time, she demonstrated every pose, showed sneak peaks the entire time, while complementing me in between, a few minutes into the session my anxiety went away and I had a freaking blast! To all the girlies who are second guessing their self about booking a session… DO IT! I promise you, you’ll be looking like a million bucks and leaving feeling like a sexy bad ass! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared shitless, BUT I’d do it again in a heart beat!!

a heartbeat
I'd do it again in


I just have to say how amazing Ash was in not only boosting my confidence from start to finish, but the posing, fixing a fly away, my shirt.. any minor detail that most would simply overlook she was tentative to! This is your sign to get the pictures!! Whether for yourself, or a significant other, she WILL deliver.  I told her I wanted these photos for me.. something soft, sexy, but uplifting and powerful and I cannot express how much I am in LOVE with MYSELF!

to get the pictures
this is your sign


Ash was amazing from the very beginning! I had doubts from a previous experience and she reassured and hyped me up from then on. I love that she didn't just tell me where to pose, but showed me how. My favorite part was seeing my pictures throughout my entire session, it gave me feel so much more confident! She knows her lighting and angels so well, I highly recommend! 

so confident
it made me feel


After a previous boudoir experience i was very apprehensive but excited to see what my experience with msp would bring me & I was blown away! Ashleigh made me feel so comfortable, was in depth and gave good vibes the entire session! THEN she showed me my gallery and i had no clue i looked like *THAT*! I highly recommend for all your boudie needs!

looked like "that"!

i had no clue i


let's make art